This article is for users who have received the SIG file for the following support stick: rm_sutter_speed

You have received a file named "mrbeam_usb_mount_rm_shutter_speed.sig" from our support team.

This article describes how to use this file with a USB stick on your Mr Beam device.

The stick regulates the brightness of the device. If LED lights of the camera as well as the flip switch are working, it is possible that the brightness control has overridden. This can happen if too much direct light has entered the installation space at once. This can be triggered by changing light conditions or by covering the activated camera (e.g. when cleaning the camera while the device is switched on).

The stick is needed if one or more of the following symptoms occur:

  • white camera image
  • pink marker dots are no longer recognized (although the camera's LED light is on when the protective cover is open and the click of the flip switch can be heard when the protective cover is opened)

You can download the file "mrbeam_usb_mount_rm_shutter_speed.sig" via this download link.

How to use them: 3 easy steps

ATTENTION: Any running laser jobs will be cancelled.

1. In a USB stick: create a folder called mrbeam and copy the SIG file there.
Requirements for the USB stick:
  • at least 100 MB free disk space
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • FAT32 formatted
  • Only one SIG file on the stick
  • Please read this article for more details
2. Plug the USB stick into your Mr Beam. After a few seconds you will see a white light pattern.
3. Once the Mr Beam switches to bright green light, unplug the USB stick.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT power off your device now!


Your Mr Beam will restart now and after a few seconds it will switch to green breathing Lights.

You can now connect to your Mr Beam as described in the Quickstart Guide using one of the three options A,B or C.

Do you need more help? Please check our Support Stick Troubleshooting Guide.