Do you need more help with using one of our Support Sticks? Please read the following guide carefully.

USB stick: Things to consider

  • The SIG file needs to be in a folder called mrbeam, all lowercase and without spaces.
  • The file name of the SIG file should not be changed.
    In case you need to change it or if it got already changed the file name has to satisfy these requirements:
    • It must not contain any white spaces. 
    • It must start with "mrbeam_" and end with ".sig". Devices with very old software might require the name to begin with "mrbeam_usb_mount_" and end with ".sig" 
  • This folder can only contain one SIG file.
    • If you have used this USB stick with your Mr Beam II before, please make sure that there are no old/other SIG files within the mrbeam-folder on your USB stick.
  • The USB stick should be FAT32 formatted:
    • Most of the sticks have this format out of the box. However, please double check that in the properties of your USB stick.
  • The USB stick needs to have at least 600 MB free space.
  • The USB stick needs to be USB 2.0 compatible.

Did your Mr Beam show any color other than the expected green?

  • Blue: there might be something wrong with the USB stick or its formatting. Please check that the USB stick is formatted FAT32 or simply try with another USB stick.
  • Purple: make sure that the SIG file is inside of the mrbeam folder. It's important that the SIG file's name was not changed.
  • Red: please contact the Mr Beam Support.
  • Yellow: please contact the Mr Beam Support. (signature mismatch)
  • Orange: please contact the Mr Beam Support. (serial mismatch)