If you intend to use Mr Beam II or Mr Beam II dreamcut (Single) without the Air Filter System, you will need a fan. To operate a Mr Beam with unfiltered exhaust air, you need to place a fan inside the angle piece. This option is especially useful, if you want to use another filtering system, hang the air filter tube directly out of the window, or use your Mr Beam outdoors. A suitable fan is available from our shop. 

1. How to install a fan?

1. Important! Please unplug your Mr Beam before preceding!

2. Place the fan inside the angle piece and push it in approx. 2-3 mm deep. Make sure the cable and the slot in the angle piece are aligned. 

3. Push the cable into the slot.

4. Screw the pipe onto the angle piece.

5. Fasten the angle piece with screws on the back of Mr Beam. Plug the cable into the "Air Filter System" socket. 

6. You can hang the tube directly out of the window, use another filter system or operate your Mr Beam outdoors. In any case, please make sure exhaust air from exits the pipe as far away from the user as possible!

2. When to clean the fan?

There is no specific amount of time. The level of dirt depends on the materials which you work with. However, when you notice that the laser power has decreased, or that there are more fumes inside the working area than usual, it is generally a good idea to clean the fan!

3. How to remove the fan?

1. Important! Please unplug your Mr Beam before preceding!
2. Unplug the cable from the "Air Filter System" socket.

3. Unscrew the angle piece from Mr Beam, take off the tube, and press the fan out from the inside of the angle piece with your fingers, applying a bit of force. 

4. How to clean the fan correctly? 

1. Before you precede with cleaning, please put on a face mask, to prevent you from breathing in the dirt particles.

2. Here is an overview of tools, which might be useful for cleaning: an old toothbrush, a brush, a cotton swab, a cleaning rag and a glas cleaner. 

3. Carefully remove the dirt from the of the discs of the fan. For the angle piece you can also use a cleaning rag with the glas cleaner. 

4. Now you can install the fan back into your Mr Beam!