This article is intended for users that have received one of the SIG files for following support sticks: reset_users, reset or rescue. 

Reset stick types


  • Resets all the user accounts. 
  • After the reset new users can be created.


  • Resets the device to factory settings. 
  • ATTENTION: All the files, the WiFi configuration and the user accounts will be deleted.


  • Resets the device to factory settings (like the reset stick) and additionally re-installs all the software components.
  • ATTENTION: All the files, the WiFi configuration and the user accounts will be deleted.
  • Gets detailed usage, log and analysis data from your Mr Beam II, so we can investigate what went wrong.

    Note: This ZIP file may contain personal data about the usage of your Mr Beam II device including the most recent images taken by Mr Beam camera. We store these data only to solve your issue.

How to use them: 3 easy steps

ATTENTION: Any running laser jobs will be cancelled.

1. In a USB stick: create a folder called mrbeam and copy the SIG file there.
Requirements for the USB stick:
  • at least 600 MB free disk space
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • FAT32 formatted
  • Only one SIG file on the stick
  • Please read this article for more details
2. Plug the USB stick into your Mr Beam II. After a few seconds you will see a white light pattern.
3. Once the Mr Beam II switches to bright green light, unplug the USB stick.

Estimated run time: min. 30 seconds for the resets, min. 10 minutes for rescue.

[rescue stick only]
4. Get the ZIP file that was generated inside of the mrbeam folder and send it to the Mr Beam Support team.

Done! Your Mr Beam II will restart now.

Please reload the Mr Beam browser window to reconnect to your Mr Beam.
(In some cases you need to do a "full reload" in Chrome by pressing SHIFT + F5 on PC, command + shift + "r on Mac.)

Do you need more help? Please check our Support Stick Troubleshooting Guide.

By the way: It is possible to create multiple user accounts. This is useful when Mr Beam is used by different people. Here's how to do it: Create multiple user accounts.