1. When does this message appear?

This message appears when the Mr Beam cannot start a laser job because the laser head has a faulty connection to the Mr Beam. In most cases, the ribbon cable that connects the laser head to the Mr Beam is the cause of the malfunction.

2. What can you do about it?

Please try to restart your device first. Then start a laser job again and check if the error still occurs.

In this case, check the ribbon cable of your laser head. To do this, shut down the Mr Beam, remove the key and disconnect it from the power supply. Then you can bring the axis and the laser head a bit to the center and disconnect the ribbon cable. Then check the following points:

  • Are the pins of the ribbon cable clean? Otherwise clean them with a dry cloth.
  • Are all pins the same length and straight? Even a kinked pin can trigger this error.
  • Is the black clip on the laser head intact? If it is bent or broken off, it can no longer connect the ribbon cable to the laser head properly.

If the ribbon cable or clip is damaged, please contact our support by creating a ticket. If you have checked all these points and can't find any problems, but the message still appears, please contact support as well.