Purpose of precision calibration

Precision calibration is used to optimize the alignment of the individual lines of an engraving. It improves the engraving quality, especially for fine structures such as small text. Perform the precision calibration if you notice that your engraving quality decreases, for example if it looks blurry or if Mr Beam engraves staggered lines in the current laser jobs.

Here you can see the extreme case when a precision calibration is necessary.

Performing the precision calibration

Before you start, make sure your Mr Beam is cleaned and well maintained. The adjustment process takes about 15 minutes and requires a piece of cardboard at least 25 mm wide and 100 mm high.

1. Go to the settings of the Mr Beam software and call up the fine adjustment.

2. Place the cardboard in the center of the work area and focus the laser head on the height of the cardboard.

3. Then start the test engraving by clicking on "Start test engraving" in the settings of the Mr Beam software under "Fine adjustment". To do this, close the lid of the Mr Beam and press the start button on the device.

4. When the engraving is complete, next identify the sharpest digits of the engraving. Press "Next" at the bottom right and enter the value including the sign on the right. In our example this would be "-0.40". 

It should be noted that the result can be different for each laser head. Therefore, this is only an example.

5. Finally, press "OK" to save your settings. Now your Mr Beam should achieve perfect engraving results again.

Note: If you have upgraded your Mr Beam II dreamcut with the dreamcut [S] oder dreamcut [x] head, you should perform a fine adjustment to make sure that the entered value is correct.


If the engraving performance is still not satisfactory after precision calibration (for example, if it continues to engrave offset lines), please check whether the laser head may be a little too loose on the silver plate or shaft. It could be that the laser head is not hooked in properly or that the wheel hood is not fully tightened.You can create a ticket via this link.