Your Mr Beam's camera is factory calibrated by default, so there is normally no need to calibrate the camera. However, if you are experiencing problems with the camera or with the preview image of the working area, Mr Beam offers two types of camera calibration in the software settings: a corner calibration and a lens calibration. Please make sure to evaluate first, whether a new calibration is really needed. Also, to exclude different reason for camera malfunction, we recommend having a look at the camera troubleshooting article first. 

The corner calibration is described in detail in the following article, and is generally required if one of the pink markers has been removed, or if there is a bigger deviation between screen picture and the laser result.

The lens calibration is described in the following article, and is made to remove the fish-eye effect from your camera picture. Only do this if you think that your camera precision is bad, specially in the centre.

We have also put together a video showing how to calibrate your Mr Beam camera correctly: