The WiFi authentication tool is helpful if other ways of connecting the device to your network did not work out. Please keep in mind that the antenna on your Mr Beam might not be as strong as the one on your phone or laptop. We recommend to move your Mr Beam close to your WiFi router, at least to test if it connects correctly.

You will need the .SIG file and a wifi_config.yaml file, which both can be found in the Downloads section. In the wifi_config.yaml file you will see 2 fields where you need to change the placeholders your_new_wifi_name and your_new_wifi_password. Using Notepad (or any basic text editor) open the file and change your_new_wifi_name to the name of your home WiFi (Also know as SSID). Then change your_new_wifi_password to the password of your home WiFi. In both cases you should keep the quotation marks. You should not change the name of this file.


# Change the name and the password underneath.
# Please keep the quotations " " around your wifi name and password.
# The quotations " " will not appear in you final wifi name and password,
# only what is inside of them.

name: "your_new_wifi_name"
password: "your_new_wifi_password"

How to use it: 3 easy steps

ATTENTION: Any running laser jobs will be cancelled.

1. In a USB stick: create a folder called mrbeam and copy the SIG file and the wifi_config.yaml file into that folder.
Requirements for the USB stick:
  • at least 100 MB free disk space
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • FAT32 formatted
  • Only one SIG file on the stick
  • Please read this article for more details
2. Plug the USB stick into your Mr Beam. After a few seconds you will see a white light pattern.

3. After a small amount of time, your device should change colour:
  1. Your Mr Beam flashes in green : Congratulation, the device was able to find and connect to your home WiFi.
  2. Your Mr Beam flashes in red - 2 possibilities:
    • Your name / password combination did not match your home WiFi
    • Your MrBeam is not in range of your home WiFi.

Estimated run time: < 30 seconds.

Done! You can now remove the USB stick. If you need to retry the connection, simply plug the stick out and back in again after a few seconds.

Do you need more help? Please check our Support Stick Troubleshooting Guide.