(Required software versions: MrBeam Plugin 0.6.9 or higher.)

If the camera system was not able to detect all four pink circle markers that are inside the Mr Beam working area, it notifies you in the Mr Beam software by displaying the pink flashing circles and the message in the "preview" pane on the left. 

The preview image on your screen might or might not update depending on how many markers did not get recognized and whether or not the system has history data from earlier recordings. If you get an updated picture please be aware that the accuracy of this picture might not be ideal.

What can I do?

1. Make sure that all four pink circle markers are visible to the camera. 

  • It should not be hidden by your material or any other things. 
  • It's possible that the axis of the Mr Beam is positioned so that it hides both upper markers. In this case move the axis into another position (E.g. in home position.)
  • Sometimes even little crumbs can disturb the recognition system. (But most of the time they don't.)
  • TIP: In case the size of your material is so big that you can't help but covering some of the markers try the following: Open the lid and wait until you received a good image (with all markers recognized) before you put in the material. Then, while you put in the material try to cover max two markers at a time. This way you have a good chance that the system will continue to serve you new images since it can estimate the marker positions from it's history data (the first image where all markers got recognized.) If you do not move the lid during the session the accuracy of the preview image will still be good.

2. Improve lighting conditions. Ideally you have even lighting conditions within your Mr Beam. 

  • Avoid direct sunlight or other direct lights.
  • Make sure the environment is not too dark. 
  • TIP: You could try to improve the light situation only temporary by blocking out the sun light or hiding the interior LEDs with a sheet of cardboard, or add more light on a single marker with the flashlight of your phone. Of course this will not solve the issue permanently. However once the camera system was able to get a good image and recognize all four markers, it has history data for further less ideal images. In this case you might get updated camera images even though you keep getting the accuracy warning. Try to not move the lid because this would add to the inaccuracy which can not be corrected in this case.

Please submit the camera image to Mr Beam for review

Please send your image to Mr Beam for review when the system was not able to recognize all markers. This will help us to understand your specific scenario so that we can train our system to get better and better. Even if you do not see an updated image in the preview, the current image will be submitted. 

Feel free to submit frequently. The more images we receive from you the better we can train Mr Beam for your environment.