Do you need more help with using one of our Support Sticks? Please read the following guide carefully.

USB stick: Things to consider

  • The SIG file needs to be in a folder called mrbeam, all lowercase and without spaces.
  • This folder can only contain one SIG file.
    • If you have used this USB stick with your Mr Beam II before, please make sure that there are no old/other SIG files within the mrbeam-folder on your USB stick.
  • The USB stick should be FAT32 formatted:
    • Most of the sticks have this format out of the box. However, please double check that in the properties of your USB stick.
  • The USB stick needs to have at least 100 MB free space.

Did your Mr Beam show any color other than the expected green?

Blue: there might be something wrong with the USB stick or its formatting. Please check that the USB stick is formatted FAT32 or simply try with another USB stick.

Purple: make sure that the SIG file is inside of the mrbeam folder. It's important that the SIG file's name was not changed.

Red / Yellow: please contact the Mr Beam Support.