To use your Mr Beam II you have to log in with your access data (email address and password).

Security Feature

This is a security feature to prevent people who know your Wi-Fi password, or unauthorized users from the Internet, from launching your Mr Beam II, potentially causing damage to the device or even a fire. This security feature can not be turned off.

Forgot Login

If you have forgotten your access data, please contact our support team by creating a new ticket

Please be sure to include the serial number of your Mr Beam II. In most cases, we will send you a reset file and instructions for resetting your Mr Beam II with a USB stick.

Old software versions:

If you're running an old version of the software component Mr Beam Plugin (older than Mr Beam Plugin v0.2.0) the email address used to sign in to Mr Beam II is case-sensitive: You must use the same combination of uppercase and lowercase as you did when setting up your credentials. 

If you're not sure about the exact uppercase and lowercase combination, we suggest that you update the Mr Beam software per USB stick: Software update per USB stick (offline)