Why do I need to focus the laser head?

To achieve the best results with your Mr Beam, the distance between the lower edge of the laser head and the upper edge of the material in use must be 10mm. 

Since the laser light leaves the laser head in a cone shape, there is only one point at which it is bundled to the maximum, the focus point. In this point your Mr Beam has the maximum performance and highest precision. Therefore, the focus point should be at the height of the material in use. To do this, the laser head must be manually adjusted to the material height.

Mr Beam Focus Tool will help you to get the distance right! 

The focus tool captures four different positions the laser head can be mounted on: 1-16mm, 6-24mm, 12-30mm and 20-38mm. 38mm is the maximum object height Mr Beam can work with. 

1. Fine focusing 

The fine focusing is done by a thumb screw on the laser head. The focus must be readjusted each time the material is changed. 

How do I focus the laser head?

1. Position the laser head:

Move the laser head over the material by double-clicking on the working area in the software. 

2. Fine focusing 

Open the screw on the left side of the laser head to move it up or down.

3. Position the focus tool:

Place the focus tool on the material and the cross under the laser head. 

4. Move the laser head:

Move the laser head down until it touches the cross of the focus tool. If there is still too much or too little space between them, please carry out the coarse focusing first (scroll to the bottom for instructions).

5. Fixing the laser head 

Tighten the screw again moderately and remove the focus tool. 

2. Coarse focusing 

There are four stages for coarse focusing of the laser head. For this purpose, the laser head can be mounted in different positions on the carriage of the X-axis of your Mr Beam. This is done without tools by simple form-fitting. It is not necessary to disconnect the ribbon cable. 

Warning: The ribbon cable may only be plugged in and out if the Mr Beam II is shut down and turned off! Failure to do so will result in inoperability of Mr Beam!