The Mr Beam II arrives fully assembled, calibrated, and ready to use. All you need for the first laser job is a laptop connected to wifi and a pre-installed Google Chrome. Mr Beam II is set up in three easy steps:

1. Сonnect the Mr Beam Air Filter or Mr Beam Exhaust System

2. Mount the laser head

3. Turn the machine on

The Mr Beam II comes with a cardboard sample, the software contains a few graphic designs, so no extras are required for the first tryouts.

To cut your own artwork you’ll need a graphics program like Inkscape (free), Illustrator or Corel Draw to create SVG files. Engraving is even easier: While your SVG file would work as well, you could simply use any photo-file and engrave it on the chosen material. 

You can find more details in our Quickstart Guide.