When you export an SVG file in Adobe Illustrator, you will see multiple options and settings to choose from. With some export options Mr Beam software fails to interpret the SVG file correctly, once you upload it on the working area. This article will take you through the options which you should pay attention to, when exporting your SVG in your vector editing program.

Generally, it is hard to give an all-inclusive solution, as there are multiple versions of Adobe Illustrator, each one with various configuration, and, of course, various operating systems. Sometimes, the problems with an SVG file occur not because of export options, but rather due to a faulty set-up of SVG elements within the file itself. 

Hint: Sometimes a design file will appear perfectly normal in the design library, and you will only get warning or error message after placing the file on the working area. 

We use following setting to export an SVG file from the Illustrator: 

Option 1:

File > Save as > Format: SVG

Option 2: 

File > Export > Export as > Format: SVG

Please make sure to choose the option Pictures: embedded.

Generally, an SVG file can contain pixel elements (those are linked to in the SVG code). However, we recomment to keep those files apart and save them under respective file formats. If you really need to keep that pixel element in your SVG file, please make sure you choose the option Pictures: embedded when exporting

TipIf you upload your SVG to the working area which you want to cut, but you only see options for engraving, you might want to check this article