Design Store is where you will find a selection of laser files, which you can buy and download. After a successful purchase, the files will be automatically uploaded to your design library

Please note: you can only use the Design Store if your computer is online

1. How to log in for the first time?

  • click on the design store tab
  • click on Login
  • You will receive a registration code sent to the e-mail which you submitted when registering your Mr Beam and which appears in the pop-up window.
  • Enter this code in the design store.
  • Your Mr Beam will remember your login code, so normally you will only have to login once. 
  • To logout your Mr Beam from design store, please delete your Mr Beam user account from your Mr Beam device.

2. How to buy a laser file in the design store?

  • Click on the design of your choice. On the right you will see its price in Beam Coins. Click on the button with Beam Coins. It will change to "Buy now". Confirm your purchase with a second click. If you have enough Beam Coins, you can buy the design of your choice straight away.

  • Access your design: If the purchase was successful, the Beam Coins Button will change to "View". Click it to access your new design directly in the design library

3. How to buy more Beam Coins?  

  • Click on the button "Buy Coins" top left, to get to the store where you will be able to purchase more Beam Coins. (Or simply click here to get to the shop.)

  • Redeem voucher: click on the button "Redeem Voucher" to enter the code from your e-mail.

  • If the code was successful, your Beam Coin credit will be updated. 

Tip: Once you buy a new design, you will always have access to it! Even if you will need to reset your Mr Beam device at some point.

Tip: If you have multiple Mr Beam devices, you will have one design store account for all of them. This means you will be able to access your purchased design files from any of your devices. However, to ensure this, you need to be registered on all your devices with the same e-mail address.