1. General maintenance: 

We recommend keeping the working area of Mr Beam clean, otherwise dirt particles get blown around during every laser job which can affect your laser result. A small vacuum cleaner might be handy for cleaning, but a cleaning rag and glas cleaner are also sufficient. Get more tips in our cleaning guide video: 

2. Laser head cleaning:

The dirt residue resulting from cutting and engraving all materials gets inside the laser head and sticks to the laser lens. This is why the laser head should be cleaned at regular intervals.

Find out how to clean your laser head correctly in this tutorial, and what to pay attention to.

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Tip: You can view the percentage of how dirty the laser head is again in the Mr Beam Software under Settings>Maintenance. Additionally, you will get a notification once cleaning is due. However, this is only a guideline and may vary, especially if you work a lot with materials such as wood.
If you have just cleaned your laser head, please keep in mind to reset the hours counter in the settings!

3. Air Filter System and filter replacement

The Mr Beam Air Filter System consists in both variants of a main filter and a pre-filter (AFII: mat/cartridge). The pre-filter cartridge is particularly suitable for power users, as it remains ready for use for longer even with many particles. How regularly you have to change the filter depends on the materials you cut / engrave. If you work a lot with leather, wood or gray cardboard, for example, the filter will fill up faster than if you work only with acrylic, felt or foam rubber

You can tell that the filters need to be replaced by the fact that the pre-filter mat/cartridge has lost its pink/white color and the main filter by the yellowish / brownish discoloration of the fins under the grid. In addition, a full filter can no longer extract smoke and particles so well, which is why they remain in the housing, where they are visible and may impair the engraving and cutting performance of the device.

For more information, see the article "Detect full filters and change filters".

We also have a short video tutorial on how to properly change filters:


Tip: In the Mr Beam software, you can view the current consumption status of the main and pre-filter under Settings>Maintenance. Reset the respective counter when you have changed one of the filters. However, do not forget to regularly perform a visual check of the filter as well, since the counter in the software is only an average value.

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4. Cleaning the exhaust holes

In addition to replacing the filters, you should also clean the exhaust holes on the left side of the interior from time to time so that they do not become clogged. If they get clogged, even a fresh filter won't help, because the air can't be extracted at all.

You will find the exhaust air holes on the underside of the left wall of the interior directly above the guide rails.

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5. Taking care of leading axle and wearing parts: 

The laser diode has a life-span of approx. 10.000 working hours. After that there is a possibility to get a new laser head.

For a long-lasting smooth gliding, the leading axle of the Mr Beam needs to be cleaned every now and then. In addition, Mr Beam II needs to be oiled (not Mr Beam dreamcut). You can also take out the base plate and clean it.

Please find more information about this topic in the following article

6. Repair at a glance

If something is broken on your Mr Beam, we have a detailed overview of all possible repairs on our homepage. Feel free to have a look there, if something is wrong with you.

7. Mr Beam Inspection:

We alternatively offer a professional Mr Beam Inspection at our office, and a Mr Beam Inspection incl. Filter changing!

Here we show you how to properly pack your Mr Beam for return: Packing instructions