This page gives you the latest updates about the 

Mr Beam II Beta Software Channel.

It's meant to be updated constantly. So come back frequently when you're using our beta channel.

Hint: The "BETA" label in your Mr Beam II is now linked to this article.

While you're on the beta channel, you can always check the latest updates with just one click.

What's currently new in Mr Beam II Beta Channel:

Release v0.5.6 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Split SVG designs on the working area (Really sweet)
  • Avoid dark edges in engravings by adding an overshoot
  • Improved error messages with linkt to a Knowledge Base article
    (less different messages, laser head unit not found, end stop switches pressed)
  • Improvements under the hood: (i2c_monitoring, SW Update: added Mr Beam Documentation Repo - not in sue yet.)

Release v0.5.5 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Bug fix: WiFi dongle support.

Release v0.5.4 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Zoom: it is finally possible to zoom in the working area!
  • Improvements on the UI:
    • Very cool loading overlay animation with our logo.
    • Easier color selection for QuickShapes.
    • Changed the order of the Focus Reminder so that it reminds you right at the beginning.
  • Mr Beam can now also speak Italian in addition to English, German, French and Spanish ;)
  • Improved engraving order: the order of the different engravings was optimized so that the job duration is a bit shorter.
  • WiFi dongle support.

What's new in the stable channel:

Release v0.5.3 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Filling of QuickShapes: now it is possible to also select a filling color for our QuickShapes.
  • Fixed a bug where the QuickText show cropped in some browsers.

Release v0.5.1 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fine-tuning of the new material settings.

Release v0.5.0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • New materials!: As many of you wanted to use the Mr Beam to cut and engrave new materials, we just included 9 more material settings.
  • Mr Beam can now also speak French in addition to English, German and Spanish ;)
  • Brightness adjustment: Adjust the brightness of the pictures of the Working Area for a better experience with darker materials.
  • Mr Beam dreamcut support: for more information check
  • Recent jobs: reuse and modify your recent jobs from the design library.
  • New design for the Welcome Dialog and the What's New screen, and for the laser parameter screen. 
  • Bug fixes to improve stability.