How Mr Beam Status Light tells you how to connect to your Mr Beam II

(Required software versions: MrBeam Plugin 0.1.56 or higher and MrBeam LED Strips 0.2.0 or higher.)

When the Mr Beam Status Light is breathing (light is moving up and down) a connection can be set up with your computer.

(While you're connected with your Mr Beam II the Mr Beam Light shows different patterns)

There are three different ways to do so:

Breathing Orange:
Breathing Green:
WiFi Access Point
Breathing White:
In your network

Breathing Orange:

Gain access to your Mr Beam II via

This service requires an active Internet connection. Also service needs to be enabled in Mr Beam II settings.

If Mr Beam II was able to successfully register at the server, it switches to orange breathing and does not show any other color even though WiFi access point might be active or Mr Beam II is accessible though your network. 

Depending on your specific network configuration it is still possible the your device can not be found via service. In this case we recommend to follow the steps the Connection Troubleshooting Guide and once connected to disable the service in the Mr Beam II settings.

Breathing Green:

Gain access to your Mr Beam II via the WiFi Access Point.

Connect to your Mr Beam II by opening your WiFi settings on your computer and then select the WiFi called "MrBeam-XXXX". (XXXX stands for the individual name of your device) The WiFi access point's password is: mrbeamsetup .  Once your computer is connected to the Mr Beam II access point, open your Chrome Browser and type the following into it's address bar:

Breathing White:

Connect to your Mr Beam II though your local network by using the according addresses/hostnames.

We recommend to follow the steps the Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Breathing Green and White:

Choose to connect per WiFi access point or through your local network.

This light pattern is shown if:

  • Mr Beam II WiFi access point is active 
  • and the device is connected per cable to a router 
  • and service is disabled or the service failed to register over the Internet.