Ein Bild, das Haushaltsgerät enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung Mr Beam Air Filter System has two filter parts, which need to be replaced from time to time:

1. pre-filter (pre-filter mat) for rough particles
2. main filter consisting of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter
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What happens when the Air Filter is full?

When the capacity of the main filter is exhausted, the filter can no longer absorb smoke and particles. As a result, both smoke and particles remain in the Mr Beam housing. This in turn leads to sharp smells and is primarily visible through the smoke in the deviceThe particles floating around will cause the cutting and engraving results to deteriorate.

In addition, components of the Mr Beam (e.g. the compressor) may be damaged.

How do I know that the Air Filter is full?

  • Is there smoke and increased smell inside the case of your Mr Beam? 
  • Is the fan in the AirFilter spinning faster than usual, making louder noises?
  • Open the Air Filter system and check the following:
1. Check the contamination of the pre-filter mat. If it has lost its pink color, it must be replaced.
2. Check the contamination of the main filter. If the fins under the grid show a yellowish or brownish color, the filter should be replaced.
Ein Bild, das Lautsprecher, gefliest enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibungfull main filter (left), new main filter (right)
  • What does the software show you about the status of your filter (Settings>Maintenance)? Please be aware that this is only an average value. If you work a lot with leather, wood or gray cardboard, for example, the filter will fill up faster than if you work only with acrylic, felt or foam rubber. This means that the filter can be full even before the display is at 100%. So make a regular visual check of the condition of your filters.

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How do I change the filter?

1. Remove the protective cover

Loosen the screws (1) of the protective cover and lift the protective cover in the direction shown to remove it (2).

2. Remove filter

Remove the pre-filter and, if necessary, the main filter.

3. Change filter

Now replace the filter that needs to be changed with a new one. When inserting the pre-filter into the main filter, make sure that the pre-filter mat lies precisely in the filter insert and covers the entire surface.

The fluffy side of the prefilter must face up.

4. Insert filter

Reinsert the new filter insert including the prefilter into the housing.

5. Gehäuse verschließen

Slide the protective cover into the recesses in the housing and close it again by moderately tightening the two screws.

Then make sure that the hose is properly connected to the Air Filter System after the filter change.

Tip: Both the pre-filter mat an the main gilter should be disposed in the general waste/household waste.

Below is an extreme example to give you an impression, what a used-up pre-filter might look like:

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In this short YouTube video you can recheck, how to replace your filters: