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Repeat laserjob

What I miss is the feature, repeat laserjob. Now every time you must calculate again! So after finished a laserjob you must have an option to repeat this job without new calculation! Especially useful for cutting jobs!

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Have a look in the file section. Each calculated laser job is stored there as GCODE file, you just have to change the filter from images to gcode files.

One unfortunate side effect is that especially with big laser jobs the 500 MB size restriction is easily filled in relatively short time - thus housekeeping needed after a certain point in time..

I know, but it would still a nice feature!

I need this also very often. I have a lot of laser-jobs that need to be done more than once. My MrBeam is not in the same room as the computer. So it would be a lot easier for me to have "multiple laser-job" without using the computer. It shold be possible to enter a "number of copies" when starting the laser-job. (like a normal printer...) Then: just open the lid, place new part, close lid, press button, burn it again...

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