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How to engrave a line instead of cut?

I am trying to find a way on how to engrave a vector line instead of cutting it. 

Does anyone know?

And how is this possible in one image when I want some lines to be cut others to be engraved?

Thanks in advance. 

I have found out how to do it!

  1. Create an image and give the paths that have to do something else (eg. burn vs. engrave vs. engrave deeper) different colors
  2. Import the SVG into Mr. Beam
  3. Place the image and when I click on laser the different colors are listed to the left of the cutting part. 
  4. Drag every color to the lower section and give them seperate settings. 
  5. Burn! ;) 

Should be possible with different colors - but the vector line to be engraved should also have enough line width to actually lead to an engraving result.

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Is this not possible with different colors for the lines?

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