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Invalid gcode ID24

Yesterday I wanted to laser a rather big symbol (38 x 38 cm) on wood.
As you can imagine it would have taken very long to finish that laser job.
After about 2 hours of lasering and about 1/3 of the job done, Mr. Beam II stopped and on the computer screan came a message:

Invalid gcode ID 24

What does this code stand for? What was the reason the job didn't finish.

I need to avoid this of happening a second time as I get material from customers to laser onto.

Thanks for your inputs.

Its a very old GRBL bug that is rather tricky to get resolved. I've encountered it around 5 times in approx. 200-300 laser jobs with a total of approx. 200 hours of lasering (gut feeling, need to analyze my log files accordingly).

I'm sorry to hear that this error happend to you in such a critical situation.

The error "Invalid GCODE ID: 24" is a known bug and we are already working on resolving this problem. Because this error is extremely rare and we still do not know what the exact root cause is, working on this issue is a bit of a hassle. As soon as we have a fix, we will provide it via software update.

If this error occurs with you, I recommend the following workaround: Leave your work material unmoved in Mr. Beam II, cover the already engraved part with something stable (not reflecting!) and restart the entire laser job.

Here is some information about this problem:

- The error occurs only during engraving.

- It's not the connection between your computer and Mr Beam, so no WiFi or cable problem.

- It is not due to the design template used. Therefore chances are good that the job passes on a second try.

- To our knowledge there is nothing that you as a user should do or omit to avoid the error.

It's best to help us by sending the log file of Mr Beams II after the error has occurred.

We know that this is a real problem and we are working hard to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

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