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Line grid

It would be nice to have a line grid over the working area! It’s now a dot grid but with lines you can better align! Make the grid settings adjustable! Thanks!

And a choice of different colors for the grid. It’s all so black and white now!

I added my own "alignment support" into the laser cutter by glueing a big peace of 3mm rubber foam into the bottom left corner, then manually draw a rectangular box in the mr beam interface, placed it at the bottom left position and then let the laser cut the rubber foam. Now I can place my materials repetively at the bottom left corner without having to worry about graphical misalignment via the interface. I can even easily measure distances from these alignment guides with a ruler in case I need a very precise positioning.

Thanks for the tip! That gives me an idea! Stick two paper tapelines on the vert. and hor. sides!
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