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 1.  A straight line as a Shape.

2. A "Just Laser" Button instead of using Presets. A variable entry of adjustments should be possible (and storeable as a new preset).

3. Users should be able to create and share presets.

4. It would be great, if the Laserjob could also be from "North to South" - if you have to cancel a Job, you could complete the Job without engraving a part of the workpiece twice.

5. Is it possible to add something like a "ignore this section"-function for the user-interface?
I would love to have e.g. a rectangle which could be placed over a section of an image and the laser would ignore this section.

6. Simulation of Laser-Time.
Is it possible to simulate/calculate the Laserjob with the adjustments chosen? So you could check how long it would take?
Sometime especially engravings take a while and I am not sure if I have enough time left (because I don't want the Laser to work unattended.

Thank you!

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I'll continue the list and numbers. This makes it easyer to refer on specific points.

7. Ability to change the ratio (especially rectangle) of shapes after I added them. If you want to cut something out of a bigger sheet, it's annoying to find the correct ratio.

8. If I have more than  one item to laser, the possibility to do this one after another and not simultaniously. In designs with many smaller spreaded items this would speed up the whole process and save the stepper and bearings. Now I need to do this one after another with  manually starting each  process by a button press.

9. Ability to zoom in the picture (like Maps) to position small parts exactly. A good workaround is screen magnifying feature on Windows.

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regardinging lasering more than one item: it would be  nice to set the number of passes for each cutting job seperately to achieve different  cutting depth for example.

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10 Add your own preset wich u can choos like the other materials. This would be very helpful.

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It would be great to be able to import more fonts into the system for SVG or just text editing, instead of having to rasterize them before saving. 

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12 Don't remove laser time after job finishes. Without #6 from the first post, testing the cut and looking at the time is the only way to know how long it takes. If the timer is removed, there is no way to find out.

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BTW: I would suggest to post each idea in a separate post, so that upvoting can be clearly connected to a single idea

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13 Be able to do a homing cycle whenever. (After completing a job I cannot do a homing cycle. But I touched the laser head and I think it moved. I wanted to engrave after having cut. Precise alignment would have been nice...)

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14. more fonts to choose (like in Word)

15. more shapes or even possibiliy to draw own shapes

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Offtopic: Are you the Manuel Roth from Tübingen 2011? Neural and Behavioral Sciences?

Offtopic @Swaterkamp: sorry, no.
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