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Mr Beam II engraving and cutting settings

Dear all,

after trying out a rather huge set of materials I compiled a Google Docs List with all settings which did work for me so far.

Feel free to send me your settings so this list can be extended.

With best regards,


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Regarding focussing I built myself a focus ramp in Onshape in order to get a better feeling what the best distance would be. It seemed that a distance of 13mm (compared to the 10mm via the standard guide) is better.

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I can cut pieces now!

Thank you for your advise..

The biggest error was.. wrong kind of plywood. 

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A question to the germans here:

Where do you get the foam rubber from? Are "Schaum Gummi" and "Moos Gummi" the same?

Thank you for the good work - that will help everbody to save a lot of time ;)

Hi guys, I'm using poplar plywood trying to engrave photos onto it. However, i'm not sure what setting to use in terms of laser intensity range and engraving speed range. I'm trying to get the effect as in the video from kickstarter. When i use the default settings, it comes out as a dark burnt colour, is there anyone who can advise? Sorry, I'm new at this. Thanks

The surface of the wood has to be even. No splinters, no changes regarding the distance to the laser head. If you get too much burn (which seems to be the case), the laser is transferring too much energy. Using less energy helps in that case. You may achieve this by reducing the maximum power level used for engraving and/or pierce time. Or increase the speed. Also, the type of wood matters. If changing settings does not help try another type/supplier of wood. Every batch of wood is different according to my own experience. Hth.

@Daniel and Benjamin with regard to focus height.

With setting up my MrBeam for the first time, the optimal focus was at 16mm (accroding to the Onshape focus ramp).  The laser head was found defective and replaced by the MrBeam support team. The new laser head works perfectly at 10mm.

It would be interesting to know, what the "normal" focus range is.

With my first laser head the best distance was around 13mm, with the new laser head I haven't tested it yet. It seems though that the laser head has already reduced its power again (not much, but Kraftplex seems to require more energy to be cut than before - but maybe this is also influenced by external factors, e.g. temperature difference, humidity). Haven't yet done a real test on this, need to cut some projects first - but it is a little disturbing though looking at the expected laser life of 10k hours compared to actual usage of approx. 100 hours :-(

I've managed to cut 3mm MDF without too much surface scorching:

100% intensity


8 passes.

although the bottom side was still just marginally attached by fibres. Maybe 9 passes could work.

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