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Disable ventilation fan check

Hi, I have the air filter system which works quite fine (though a bit noisy as discussed in the other thread), but would like to use an external ventilation system as an alternative. Is there a way to disable the check of having the ventilation system plugged in? My current workaround is to have it active, but not connected to the exhaustion vent. This is certainly not the best way, having two ventilation systems running... Thanks and best regards, Thomas

Hello Thomas,

There is no workaround in this case. The machine is certified as a whole and the ventilation system should be always plugged in,.


Hm. Probably it's just measuring whether or not power is drawn from the jack at the back of the machine. If you adapt your alternate air filter box to connect from there... Or maybe just add a resistor 浪

There is a simple solution available.

But as Anastasiia already mentioned:

Never use Mr. Beam with an unplugged ventilation system.

But we have a different one available.

Please contact me at

We will show you all this simple system soon.

Kepp safe!


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