The simplest and most convenient way to connect to your Mr Beam II is to use
However this service does not work in all scenarios and conditions for example if  there's no internet connection.

Generally speaking you control your Mr Beam II via a web app in your browser, no internet connection is necessary because the web app is located locally on your Mr Beam II. Connect your browser via your local WLAN (or LAN) or via a direct Wi-Fi connection. (Your data traffic does not get into the Internet.) Type Mr Beam II's hostname (MrBeam-XXXX.local) or it's IP address into your browser's address bar. Please notice that the hostname is also dependent on your network configuration and that IP addresses change frequently. To simplify this step we created the service

The following Mr Beam II functions require an internet connection: 
- Automatic software update. 
- Connection service This service helps you connect your browser to Mr Beam II. It initiates a connection between the browser and Mr Beam II, then there is a purely local connection which therefore does not rely on a server on the Internet. As described above Mr Beam II can also be used without this service.