Camera Calibration 


Usually, Mr Beam II displays a black and white image of the working area. This image is suitable for camera based positioning of the designs, but a slight offset of up to +/- 5mm should be tolerated. (See article about Manual Positioning)

However, if Mr Beam II can not calibrate the image, it will output a color image showing not just the work area but the entire interior of the laser cutter. In this case positioning based on the image is not possible or very inaccurate. Most likely, the camera can not find or recognize the pink marks in the device, e.g. in case of unfavorable lighting or if one or more of the markings are covered.


What you can do in this case:

  • Check if all four pink marker circles are visible at the edge of the working area. If your work material or the axis of the Mr Beam obscure these markers for the camera, the image can not be adjusted correctly. 





  • Close the lid of Mr Beam and open again. This will start a new camera session (recording); Often that can help.


  • Unfavorable lighting: Particularly strong light (eg direct sunshine) or particularly dark environments often disturb our system. Try to provide "even lighting". (Then close the lid and open again.)

  • Colored materials: Materials in bright colors (such as pink felt) can also mess up the recognition system. Remove the material from the device, close the lid and open again. Try using the same material again. If this doesn’t help, position manually. (Manual Positioning)


A new calibration of the camera is only necessary if:

  • one of the pink markings has been changed. (For example, if the mark was peeled off and glued in again.)


  • you notice a larger deviation between the screen position on the adjusted (black-and-white image) and the laser result.

In this case go to Settings -> Camera Calibration and follow the instructions there: First you will have to place a full-length piece of cardboard in the Mr Beam II interior, then the marking arrows are engraved. In the next step you click on a camera picture on just these marker arrows.





If you see the colored, uncalibrated photo, all four of the pink marker circles should be fully visible at the edge of the canvas on the image. If one or more of the circles is not completely or not at all visible or completely missing, please contact the Mr Beam support team.