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Mr Beam II Beta Softwarekanal.

Dies soll ständig aktualisiert werden. Schaue als öfters mal hier rein, wenn du unseren Beta-Kanal nutzt.

Tipp: Das "BETA"-Label in deinem Mr Beam II ist jetzt mit diesem Artikel verlinkt.

Während du dich im Beta-Kanal befindest, kannst du die neuesten Updates mit nur einem Klick erreichen.

What's currently new in Mr Beam II Beta Channel:

Release v0.5.6 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Split SVG designs on the working area (Really sweet)
  • Avoid dark edges in engravings by adding an overshoot
  • Improved error messages with linkt to a Knowledge Base article
    (less different messages, laser head unit not found, end stop switches pressed)
  • Improvements under the hood: (i2c_monitoring, SW Update: added Mr Beam Documentation Repo - not in sue yet.)

Release v0.5.5 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Bug fix: WiFi dongle support.

Release v0.5.4 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Zoom: it is finally possible to zoom in the working area!
  • Improvements on the UI:
    • Very cool loading overlay animation with our logo.
    • Easier color selection for QuickShapes.
    • Changed the order of the Focus Reminder so that it reminds you right at the beginning.
  • Mr Beam can now also speak Italian in addition to English, German, French and Spanish ;)
  • Improved engraving order: the order of the different engravings was optimized so that the job duration is a bit shorter.
  • WiFi dongle support.

What's new in the stable channel:

Release v0.5.3 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Filling of QuickShapes: now it is possible to also select a filling color for our QuickShapes.
  • Fixed a bug where the QuickText show cropped in some browsers.

Release v0.5.1 MrBeam Plugin:

  • Fine-tuning of the new material settings.

Release v0.5.0 MrBeam Plugin:

  • New materials!: As many of you wanted to use the Mr Beam to cut and engrave new materials, we just included 9 more material settings.
  • Mr Beam can now also speak French in addition to English, German and Spanish ;)
  • Brightness adjustment: Adjust the brightness of the pictures of the Working Area for a better experience with darker materials.
  • Mr Beam dreamcut support: for more information check
  • Recent jobs: reuse and modify your recent jobs from the design library.
  • New design for the Welcome Dialog and the What's New screen, and for the laser parameter screen. 
  • Bug fixes to improve stability.