Software Version 0.2.0: Introducing Stable and Beta Software Channels

Today we have release the latest version of the Mr Beam software.

Find more detailed release notes further down.

You can get this update by installing it "over the air" from within Mr Beam software or get the update to install it via USB stick from our downloads page.

We're introducing the ability to choose between two software channels.

The idea is to give you the option to checkout our latest development and newest features for your Mr Beam II while making sure that all of you can always use a really stable software version when it's important for your project.

Stable Channel

Use the most stable software for your Mr Beam II. You will only get notified about officially released and well tested software updates.

Beta Channel

Get the latest Mr Beam development! In this channel you can try the newest features even before they are officially released, with more frequent updates. Use this if you are curious, you can always switch back to the stable channel if you experience errors.

You can switch between the different channels of the Mr Beam II software any time.

For this, just check the "Settings" section of your Mr Beam software, you can find the software channel selector in the "Software Update" tab:

And don't forget that after selecting a new software channel you need to do the update to successfully switch!

Release Notes

Stable Channel:

  • Introducing Software Channels: Stable and Beta. 

  • Air filter operating hours tracker: See total operating hours of your air filter and reset it when you replace the air filter main unit.

  • Improved safety: Mr Beam detects and reports irregularities in the safety system

  • Login email addresses are all lower case now. (Existing user’s email addresses are converted.)

  • Improvements to avoid small gaps when lasering vector graphics. Users are less likely in the need to set a pierce time for laser jobs.

  • Removed Google+ from about page.

  • Updated user manual and Quickstart Guide 

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed fullscreen mode

    • Bug fixes in the grbl update process

    • Compatibility fix for future grbl version

Beta Channel:

  • German language support! Hurra, jetzt auch mit deutscher Benutzeroberfläche! 

  • Job time estimation: An estimated job duration is shown before beginning and during a laser job. This was your most requested feature!

  • Reminder to focus the laser head is shown before a laser job is started.

  • Realtime image preprocessing for pixel-based designs right in the working areas.

  • Duplicate button now available for all design types (except gcode)

  • Online support form integrated directly into Mr Beam II user interface (Requires internet connection)

  • Login: Login email addresses are all lower case now. (Existing user’s email addresses are converted.)

    Better explanation of importance of login credentials in settings and welcome wizard.
    Login screen directs to Mr Beam Support in case of forgotten credentials.

  • Improvement for Safari and older browsers. Frontend browser warning now also includes Chrome v60 and older.

  • Sneak preview: Click-through tour guide for the first laser job. (Tour guide is not complete yet.)

  • Laser power correction (Requires laser heads rev10a or newer)

  • Added units in QuickShape screen

  • GCode files from QuickShapes now have a meaningful name.

  • Reduced package size of MrBeam Plugin by reducing size of images and pdf docs.

  • Improvements in boot up speed

  • Improved dxf file handling

  • Bug fixes:

    • Improved stability for data transmission to grbl based on checksums. Prevents “Unhandled Communication Error” (ID:24, ID:25, Bad number format and more). Auto update to grbl v0.9g_20170919_22270fa.hex

    • Fix for frontend laser time display

    • Fix for terminal user command line send button

    • Fix where design file could not moved with arrow keys

  • + everything in the stable channel

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After this update I have more camera errors then before. Time to look look at this!
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