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Engraving a dog tag

Here is a picture of my first try to engrave a dog tag which I bought from a Chinese shop. I thought it should be silver after the engraving process, but it came out gold - which looks even better :-)

I've used the default setting for aluminium.  

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What's the base material? Aluminium with some kind of coating?

Oh, and could you share the supplier?


The supplier was from aliexpress:

I've also ordered the mixed color set but wasn't able to test them so far.


I tried a dog tag but no result! The tag is green but when I select aluminum I can’t choose a color! It’s always black!

 Hello Frans,

I guess there is no choice of color for engraving aluminum because you need full power for that - no matter which color.

I've experienced the same with a blue dog tag. In my opinion it's because Mr. Beam uses a blue laser. which makes it not possible to engrave blue and green eloxed aluminum.

I will try a red one soon.

By the way, I've made a new black  with two rounds of engraving, which looks better in the end. I will attach a picture later.

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Thanks, I thought that the problem must be the color! I have a mix of colors so I will try also some more tags!


I have testet the colors green, blue, black - no result - only red - but I do not think it's very good and nice - I am disappointed with this laser - no good results and takes a long time 

(340 KB)
Next year I will maybe update the laser to a “true” 10 Watt version! I buyed a few 100 pcs dog tags but it’s almost impossible to engrave it!

@G.D.:  Use the advanced settings. There is a "line" option (don't know exactly the name, because I'm not at home) in the engraving section . The standard setting is 0,15mm -> change it to 0,1! The result is better, but needs much more time!

Sometimes I also make two rounds of engraving. Which needs incredibly much more time ;-)

(322 KB)
Thanks Mambo, I will try that!

The Setting is "Line distance"

Of course, this just helps with the "rastered" images, but not for the colors you  are able to engrave!

Can’t find the option for multiple passes for engraving anodized alu! Is this possible?

how are the laser settings

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