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lasering a lot is getting annoying because of the fan. The speed goes up and down all the time for no clear reason.

Maybe you tell us something about the algorithm or add some lowpass for spin down cycle? This would also expand the lifetime.

Can you tell us the specs of the fan? I would like to add an adaptor to use a bigger fan.



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Which dan do you mean exactly? The fan in the laser head or the fan in the air ventilation unit?

The fan in the laser head is a BFB04512VHD fan from Delta Electronics (data sheet see here:

The fan in the ventilation box is a Sunon PF40281BX-000U-S99 (data sheet see here:

The ventilation box fan. Thank you very much!

Hello Martin,

We would like to have a closer look at your issue. Could you please submit a ticket with a short video?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Agreed with Martin, the box fan is more noisy than expected. (Note that I have no air filter).

That said, it's really efficient : no smoke inside the box. But maybe the rpm should be decreased a little bit (or a larger fan to keep the same flow with lower rpm).

I have the same issue as  Martin with my Air Filter System, the fan often changes speed while a job is running.

For Example Cutting a circle in plywood, the fan speed goes up and down with no discernible reasons.

Hello Mambo,

Can we ask you to also send us a ticket with a video, so we can check this in more detail?

Thank you.



Here are two videos. I hope you can hear the fan - which is much louder in real life. I don't know why my smartphone recorded with such a low volume .

Both Videos where recorded from a job just cutting a circle (shape from the web frontend) in Poplar plywood 4mm.

I've reduced video resolution and increased volume. The second video is recorded mostly close to the fan. 

If you need something else - just tell me. 

I also attach screenshots of program versions

(6.26 MB)
(8.69 MB)

I have the same issue.

The fan of the filter box is howling distinctly. 

Mr. Beam itself is pretty quiet.

I remember bragging about the quietness of the Mr Beam when used with the air filter. ”Quiet as much if not less than a laser printer”, or something like that. While is not as noisy as a high-end laser cutter, it is indeed loud, and that noise (the speed of the fan, that is) changes during the job. I won't share any video: other did it, and anyway, I'm still waiting for the other two tickets I've opened to be handled, starting from the fact that the camera is wholly misaligned making impossible to do any experiment.

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Same here.

Fan of the filter box changes speed and noise during jobs (not distracting me yet as I've not done so many jobs till now and furthermore taken as normal).

Camera delivers two different views from time to time (for no specific reason).

One view is in grey colour and allows accurate positioning of material (what you see it what you get), but another, more colourful and from more above view can't be used to position materials (laser cuts about 10mm away from where you wanted).


Hi Manuel, See the Camera View Thread for the two views. If you cover the red rings, your Mr. Beam has no calibration markers. Martin

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Regarding the camera jumping, it took me also as a shock in the beginning.
Now i understand if i have eg a dark material. and it is to bright in the room, the camera tries to adapt to the dark material.

Therefore the rings get to bright and the algorithm doesn't find it any longer.

So what i did is make the room darker (if possible) or just put a white sheet of paper also onto the material for setup.

Regarding fan, i have a similar problem, so loud that it really annoying (you can't be in the same room).

So if anyone of you have a solution ... would be great to hear.

Or just ... "hey this is normal"

Hi. I have same issue. I thougt this is normal, but when i see that so many people think that is not right, then i will suport you. Can not see any replay from suport team regarding this issue.
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